Christopher Keldsen, DMD

Preschool Field Trip


We were lucky to have Shining Stars Preschool visit our office recently.  What a fun morning we had!  The kids learned about teeth and how to keep them clean.  They practiced proper brushing technique on stained hard boiled eggs.  Then they practiced flossing play dough out of megablocks.

Dr. Keldsen talked to the kids about different dental instruments and how they help keep teeth clean.  One brave preschooler volunteered to be the patient while Dr. Keldsen showed what to expect during a dental visit.  Then came the best part, each kid got to play dentist!  They put on gloves and a mask, sat in the dentist’s chair, and counted each other’s teeth.

It truly was a pleasure to have such a wonderful group of 5 year olds in our office!  They are an amazing group of kids.  We loved sharing why keeping their teeth clean is so important and hopefully allayed some of their fears of the dentist.


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